Vikings Buffet – SM Marikina

28 Jan

Vikings Buffet in SM Marikina, one of the biggest buffet in the Philippines made me wish that my stomach was a bottomless pit for that night.

sushi chef making sashimi from a very big tuna at Vikings Marikina

Huge tuna says hello!

inside lights and sofas at vikings sm marikina

Very pretty, though I wish they made their sofa in separate chairs. Moving around when you’re seated in the middle was tedious.

The interiors are HUGE. While walking, I was wondering when the hall of delicious food would end.

I wish I got to take more photos but there are always people in line, it was hard to get a good angle. Also unless I had 4 hands, eating while documenting everything would be easy. It’s best you go there at least once to see the rest that it has to offer.


grilled lamb, roasted US beef, and roasted tenderloin waiting to be cut

overexposed photos of some prime meat in Vikings Marikina

orange, green and red caviar served on bowls

Vikings serves a variety of colorful caviar

With a buffet price for PhP1000+,it’s only logical to make sure you ate what you payed for. Eat rare/ expensive food is a go! For example, the caviar tasted like salty boba, the sake like watery beer, and eating the eel sushi was like a piece of heaven in my mouth.

variety of delicious sushi and other seafood displayed in SM Marikina Vikings

Who could say no to sushi?

The variety of buffet food in Vikings Marikina is just too much, in a good way of course. I’m always biased towards seafood. After all their catchphrase is “A Feast from ย the Sea!” Gah, I should’ve spent more days with the Kinect and my yoga mat exercises to boost the metabolism. Burn baby burnnn.

farmer's gallantine served in shot glasses and colored salt

Farmer’s Gallantine. No idea how that tasted like though

What really makes Vikings stand out apart from the other buffets I’ve tried is that it’s expensive. Haha kidding. Their selection of desserts is impressive!

high school musical guy who makes creme brulee

Thanks to this guy from High School Musical, I had curiosity to taste creme brulee way back.

Their creme brulee was newly torched. Yum!

My favorite dessert is the crepe. The freshly made hot wrapper filled with blueberries ย blends awesomely with the cold ice cream.

Rockefeller oysters with melted cheese takes a while to replenish. Everything else was rad.

Everyone is extremely friendly and alert. I was just done eating my plate when boom! From my side comes arms to take my plate away. You don’t need to call them at all.

Even during crunch time they are light and friendly. The sushi guy tries to strike conversations and jokes with me, and the crepe guy talked to my sibling.

Overall, Vikings is awesome if you don’t eat like a bird. Go get regular exercise, make a buffet battle plan, and eat eat eat.


Here are the rates taken from their Facebook page, this is for the MOA branch. For January – February, you can eat for free if it’s your birth month, but you have to bring at least 1 full-paying adult. Another catch is that the birth month promo only works on Saturdays.

adult price vikings mall of asia

SM Marikina

Mon – Sun:ย 11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm – 10:30 pm



4 Responses to “Vikings Buffet – SM Marikina”

  1. CarmisCaprice (@CarmisCaprice) January 28, 2013 at 6:48 pm #

    Great photos! That’s really a HUGE tuna! Mouth-watering selection of meats! Yum! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve tried their branch in Mall of Asia.

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