Newbies Attempt REPUBL1C Wakepark Wakeboarding Nuvali

25 Jan

Mermans and mermaids riding dolphins and gliding across the sea is pretty far out, the next best thing is Camarines Sur. Oooor, you can try Republ1c Wakepark conveniently located around an hour away from Manila if there is no traffic. Zero traffic? Oh optimism. It was a good way to spend Saturday except for one thing…

… the fact that it was a Saturday! We went to Republ1c Nuvali for wake boarding about 2 weeks ago, just this January, when a storm was near Metro Manila. The weather was pleasantly cloudy until mid-afternoon when it started raining. Smart me forgot to bring a 2nd camera which was waterproof for the close-up action photos.

My friends and I are newbies, and we initially thought that an hour of learning wakeboarding would be enough on a fine Saturday afternoon. Man were we wrong. We are highly intelligent mind you! But it was not humanly possible with merely 2 attempts on the board.

The line for beginners to try it out was REALLY long, we spent more time sitting down in the monoblock chairs and waiting for our turn. To pass the time we talked about the other guy who dresses up like Justin Bieber, if our bag has gone missing yet, etc. We only managed to ride twice (thrice at most if you fell right away near the starting mark). An extension of another hour was not part of the budget since we also planned on eating dinner in Tagaytay afterwards.

Nuvali Wakeboarding 101

To try your luck at Republ1c Wakeboarding, you need to fall in line. in either side of the very long pool. If you go to where all the people are, that’s because there’s a guy teaching the basics. The other end is for the semi-noobs.

There’s a cable with a handle that goes back and forth from point A and B. Basically, you just need to hold on to the handle with relaxed hands. Zen masters would advice being one with the whatever object, in this case the cable and just letting it carry you to the other end. In most of the people’s cases, they ended up being dragged around until instinct tells them to let go. Mmm fun stuff! Feel the wooshy breeze in your hair (or scalp if you don’t have any) and experience your coolness aura oozing by a mile.

On my first try I managed to go about halfway of the pool. During my second time, I was able to finish a quarter.

Again, since the line was long, there wasn’t really much time to learn with just 2 attempts. If we’re coming back, we’ll be trying it out on a weekday.


I’ve never done wakeboarding anywhere so this is a fun activity for me and my friends. I liked it that the helmets and life vests were relatively new. If you’re a pro or a newbie who wants to be badly injured, you can try out ramps and the large loop of water and cable.

for the pro or the crazy newbie who wants to be badly injured

look at those rainclouds! not a good day for most cameras :<


They should really think about investing with buying a new cable line for the pool so more people can try it out. The pool is extremely wide, enough for 2 cable lines. And maybe then can make a new pool and put the cable line there.

The website says there are lockers but when we inquired, the lady in the front desk of Republ1c Wakepark said that there was none. Good thing my boyfriend had a padlock in his bag where we placed our valuables.

Also there are not enough huts to place your stuff in. Ours was on the second floor. The steps of the stairs were basically 1 inch thick rectangles with nothing in the middle. This is still under construction since I saw that they’re putting tiles to cover the holes. So yeah, part of the thrill is the chance that if your footwork is bad, your foot will slip through the hole.

Republ1c Wakepark Nuvali
The safety equipment deposit costs about P600 but is refundable when you return the helmet and lifejacket

Republ1c Wakepark at Nuvali

West Diversity Boulevard, Nuvali Calamba, Laguna (map:

Operating Hours: Tues – Sun @8:30AM – 5:30PM

Tel No.: +632 864-0402





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