Easy Peasy Lemon, Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub

14 Jan

sugar scrub, olive oil, lemon

Who doesn’t want to enjoy insanely supah smooth and oil-free skin? To help welcome the New Year, it’s time to enjoy new skin as well. Your face can’t shed all of the dead skin cells by itself, and can cause milia (little bumps on the face, like baby pimples)  if neglected. Exfoliation is good for the skin. I’ve yet to try exfoliating products for the face from the market, this stuff is really safe since it’s all natural.

This sugar scrub is great for the face and dark areas of the skin. The great news is you can make this once a week right at home! The ingredients are really cheap too! I swear after this, you can’t help but touch your even better-looking skin and wonder why you haven’t tried this easy sugar scrub years ago!


Lemons are great for the skin and helps minimize acne from multiplying. It also reduces oiliness. Also it helps with skin whitening, though they say the process is reaaaaally slow. My skin’s color has improved at a snail pace but it’s better than nothing. More benefits of this really awesome fruit be found from here

Olive was once called “liquid gold” by Homer. It’s precious in more ways than one. It doesn’t clog your pores like other oils, keeps your skin moisturised and helps ease stretch marks. More benefits over here!

Sugar is a terrible for your weight. Use it on your skin instead! This is the stuff that scrubs away to reveal better skin. Some use brown or muscovado sugar but we don’t have those so I used white and it works great.


All you need for this really easy sugar scrub are the following:

-1/4 a lemon (or more if you like to exfoliate things more skin)

– a teaspoon of olive oil

– roughly 2 tbsps sugar

1. Juice that lemon! Since I don’t need a lot, I drank the rest of the leftover by diluting it with water.

lemon, lemon for skin, sugar scrub

When life gives you lemons, use it for your skin :>

2. Combine the lemon with olive oil and sugar for your sugar scrub. I used a little plate since I really just wanted to exfoliate my face for that day.

lemon, olive oil, lemon for skin, sugar scrub

Well that’s basically it! Here’s the semi-final product

sugar scrub, lemon, lemon for skin, olive oil

A little runny sugar scrub. Needs more sugar!

Here’s the final product!

lemon, lemon for skin, sugar scrub, olive oil

After adding more sugar, you end up with this rich consistency. The good stuff 🙂

I know it’s common sense but make sure it doesn’t go to your eyes! Or if you have broken skin, the lemon stings (like a bee like every girl in historyyyyy).


After taking a bath, rub the lemon, olive oil and sugar scrub on your skin gently for about 5 minutes. If you rub too much it makes your pores bigger, skin darker, and yeah to sum it up rubbing it hard is bad news. Leave the sugar scrub there for a good 20 minutes (ideally) or as long as you possibly can. I usually last about 5-10. Rinse and instantly enjoy your smooth and oil-free skin. Use it for a few months and enjoy whiter skin too!

Let me know if it works wonders for you too 😉


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