Remove Nail Polish with Just 1 Cotton Ball!

24 Dec
nail polish, nail polish removal, sally hansen

Sally Hansen

Nail polish is a metaphor of life. You enjoy it for a time period but then you must come to face the inevitable. Nails grow long, nail polish can’t catch up. So you bid it farewell, erase it and be left with just a memory of how beautiful it was. Or so John Green would probably say if he liked nail polish. I just finished his book, “Waiting for Alaska.” It’s beautiful and dark. And not quite related to this blog post so let’s move on!

Nail polish removal is always tricky. You use more than 1 cotton ball per hand, rubbing and rubbing your nails as hard as you can to remove all the color. In my case I feel like I’m shaving ice when I rub-a-dub-dub since my nail curves pretty deeply near the surrounding skin. That’s bad news for nail beds too since too much friction causes them damage, possibly scratching the first few layers of your nails.

Beauty is pain? Nah. You just have to be smarter. Care for your nails the right way with this really simple trick. With just 1 cotton ball and nail polish remover, it’s already good for 2 hands.

Let’s start!

These are my Sally Hansen nails. I’ve had them on for about a week, so I wanted them nail-polish free for 2 reasons

1. They look hideous  after a week of no retouch

2. Nails turn yellow after more than a week with nail polish.

sally hansen, nail polish removal, nail polish

Get one cotton ball and unroll it. Afterwards, separate the strip in to 2 parts. It should look like this.

They look like clouds!

Break the strip in to 5 parts each, that’s one smaller strip for each nail.

sally hansen, nail polish removal, nail polish

Now, soak each little strip with nail polish remover. Put just enough to cover the cotton, or else it’ll be messy and all drippy later.

sally hansen, nail polish removal, nail polish

Now comes the nail polish removal magic! Cover your nail entirely with each strip of acetone-soaked cotton. You can press it so it sticks to your nails better. Leave it on for about 2 minutes. Say bye bye to my one-week old Sally Hansen nail polish.

sally hansen, nail polish removal, nail polish

After 2 minutes, gently rub the cotton away, starting from your cuticles to the tip of your fingers. Clean the rest of the leftover polish with the cotton strips. This isn’t totally clean yet, but as you can see the cotton balls removed most of the nail polish.

sally hansen, nail polish, nail polish removal

Let me know if this works well for you as well! Good luck!


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