Reduce Oily Skin the Affordable Way

3 Dec

For oily skin, you need to ask yourself where to get blotting paper. Covering oil with powder is unhygienic and just plain nasty. Reduce oily skin with this money-saving trick.

Blotting papers are found in most beauty sections in malls. If you want to spend less, use tissue paper! It’s the same stuff people use to drain oils from fried food anyway. It works the same way for your face.

1. Get tissue paper (the ones from recycled materials work best because it has less fibers for the face)
2. With scissors, cut in to smaller strips. After all you won’t need a whole sheet if it’s just your nose that’s oily
3. Dab on the spots to reduce oily skin. Do not rub!
4. Enjoy a momentarily-free oil-free skin.

Take note that this is just a quick fix for oily skin. Other factors like how healthy your diet is, the weather, and your skin type affects the overall amount of unwanted things on your skin.


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