Majolica Majorca Automatic Eyeliner Review

28 Sep

Let’s start this with a cliche! Eyes are the window to the soul and Majolica Majorca takes advantage of that. Majolica Majorca is the child of Shiseido for those who aren’t willing to pay thousands for make-up.

I was first drawn to their products because of the insanely beautiful packaging and because I tend to have a bias with  Japanese products. When you hold any of their make-up in your hands, you feel like a nymph or a princess, or a nymph princess! I’ve heard a lot of raves about their eyeliners. This particular product costs about P700.

My 7-month old eyeliner

When I took out the cap, the felt tip end was white and hard, scratchy for the lids. I was wondering why people actually like this eyeliner. My sister advised to  rub it in my hands to soften the bristles. So I did. It was as magical as their packaging.


Since it’s an automatic eyeliner, you have to twist the cap until you hear a click to push the liquid up the felt tip. The sound is sweet to my ears, but overdoing it with 5 clicks was a bad idea. Eep! A lot of black liquid came out. Be sure to shake it a loads of times, and twist the bottom as a last resort. Stick to 3 to be safe.

Le Application Process

This is fairly easier than the normal liquid eyeliner because of its felt tip. Precision is very good since it gives a very dark and solid line even with just one stroke. You would need a very light hand if you want natural-looking eyeliner. I don’t have one, so mine always ends up quite thick hee. I wasn’t too pleased that the eyeliner was a tiny bit shiny because I prefer it matte.

How to apply eyeliner is fairly easy. Just trace your eyelashes and wing the outer corner. I usually start with the outer part of my lids and do a wing because after twisting the tip, the felt tip usually has a lot of eyeliner liquid. After the little wing, I make the line thinner as I go near the direction of my nose.

Staying Power

Without a primer, the line chips a bit, especially if you have oily lids like I do. Overall the staying power and color is great as compared to pencil eyeliners.

Nothing too dramatic since it was daytime

Is It Worth My Money?

Yup! I’ve been using this eyeliner regularly since February. It’s the end of September and it still works! Majolica Majorca Automatic Eyeliner is available in drugstores.


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