Celeteque Skin Toner Review

11 Sep

Keep your face baby smooth and oil-free for your lover to caress. You could caress it by yourself too, I guess. Though a facial wash is the best way to remove dirt and oil, you can keep it oil-free by reducing the pore size.

Smaller pores/ Toned face= less oil = bebe smooth skin

Say Goodbye Oily Skin!

Use a skin toner to prevent oily skin! Behold! Celeteque’s Acne Solutions Skin Toner specifically formulated for oily skin. Use a moisturizer afterwards to prevent skin from being overly dry.

I love this stuff!

It feels slightly cool on the face but it doesn’t sting my skin. The essence sometimes goes to my eyes and irritates it, so I make sure to keep my peepers closed when working around my cheeks and eye area.

Sounds Awesome. But does it work?

It works really well. I noticed that it got rid of oily skin for about half a day. It saves me from reaching my oil-blotting film and re-applying make-up for shine control.

My face also has less bumps now because my pores shrank, especially in the T-zone area. Hurrah!

Is it worth my money?

I wasn’t able to take note how much this costs since one bottle is good for months already. Four of us share one bottle and it takes about 2 months before we buy a new bottle.

Be sure to keep a bottle handy especially during the summer where pores are at their largest!


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