Review of The Face Shop BB Cream – Aqua Tint

6 Sep

Why is dewey skin better than matte skin? The illusion of youth of course! Unlike a matte finish which makes lines on your face easier to spot, dewey skin disguises these and adds a fresh vibe and glow to the skin. Plus it’s like you have nothing on :>… your face. (what did you have in mind? Tsssk tssk.)

For glowing skin, The Face Shop has BB creams for that.


The Actual Product Minus the Fancy Shmancy Lighting. This is my sister’s make-up by the way


What will it do?
This wonder cream is meant to be all-singing and all-dancing. It will give you a good base for makeup like a primer, even out complexion like a tinted moisturiser, cover minor imperfections and redness like a concealer, hydrate your skin like your day cream, brighten and perk-up a dull complexion and some will even protect with SPF. Some also promise healing, soothing and anti-ageing properties.

(Quote taken from here)

Take Cover

The Face Shop BB cream from the Face It series called “Aqua Tint” is perfect for oily skin since it’s water-based (not oil-based, hello captain obvious!). Coverage is very light as compared to foundations, so don’t expect it to fully conceal blemishes, pores and dark spots.

It goes on ridiculously smoothly and isn’t cakey on the face. It blends like a charm as well. You can use your fingers alone but a concealer brush provides a more even blending.

The undertone of the product is yellow, a great match for tan skin like mine. Most Korean BB creams are pinkish and built for fair skinned people (probably because they’re fair skinned themselves), so the yellow undertone from The Face Shop Aqua Tinted BB cream is a super great perk for tan skin. This is just a teeny bit lighter than my skin (in light beige) but my pressed powder is dark so so it still matches my skin.

Before and after blending on my hamster cheeks. I’ve already used a toner and moisturizer before I put on the Face Shop BB cream. See my little vein near my jaw is still visible. The pores were concealed a bit.

It does give that glowing skin that you want. If it’s too much to handle you can always tone the glow down by dusting it with pressed powder. My t-zone (forehead, nose, chin) is extra shiny so I put more powder on those areas.

Is it Worth the Money?

The Face Shop has mid-high priced items, but this product is worth your money. Although make-up can never be a full substitute for sunscreen, the SPF20 protection is better than 0 protection any day.

If you’re in a rush and have no time to wait for the moisturizer and sunscreen to set, this is totes awesome choice  since you have a moisturizer, sunscreen and face coverage in one nifty BB cream. That gives you more time for other fun stuff!

The 40 ml of The Face Shop Face  It Aqua Tinted BB Cream is available in The Face Shop stores for P995 (that’s alata ‘faces’ for a sentence!)

For the official product description, click here


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