How to Use Eyeliner – Pencil

4 Sep

Pencil eyeliner is one of the easiest tricks to make your eyelashes fuller. Unlike the liquid ones, this is easier to put on and remove.

These are all basic stuff I picked up from my own experience, reading stuff in books and online.

I am not a professional, but my eyeliner stays put all day so these things work!

Do’s and Dont’s

1. Tight lining – This is when you fold and gently tug your eyelashes upward, exposing the hairless lids under the lashes, which you’re to put eyeliner to make your lashes look fuller. Mascara does the trick for fuller eyelashes anyway, but if you really want tight lining, make sure that your eyeliner is clean. Sharpen them at least every 2 weeks for this. Also, dispose of your eyeliner after a year of purchasing it. The shelf life varies if the room is humid. Usually your eyes become itchy so it’s time to say farewell eyeliner

2. Tug of War Wrinkles РHaving less wrinkles than your peers years from now because of proper skin care is a great achievement next to having an air hockey table in your living room. Tugging your lids to apply this make up hastens wrinkles.  For lower lids, I find it easier to look upwards while applying. Just reposition the mirror slightly above your head.

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3. Primer – Since pencil liners smudge easily (especially the kohl ones) E.L.F has affordable primers found in drugstores. Apply to the eyelashes before putting on pencil eyeliners so it doesn’t smudge as much and has long staying power. Work that smokey eye!

4. Feather Right Thur Right Thur – For natural-looking make up and fuller eyelashes, use small feathery strokes instead of drawing one long harsh line on your lids.

5. Pandas are cute right? – Black is universally flattering for everyone’s upper eyelids. For the lower lids, use brown for a more girl-next-door and everyday look. Use black sparingly since it might be smudgy if the weather is too hot.


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