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Majolica Majorca Automatic Eyeliner Review

28 Sep

Let’s start this with a cliche! Eyes are the window to the soul and Majolica Majorca takes advantage of that. Majolica Majorca is the child of Shiseido for those who aren’t willing to pay thousands for make-up.

I was first drawn to their products because of the insanely beautiful packaging and because I tend to have a bias with ┬áJapanese products. When you hold any of their make-up in your hands, you feel like a nymph or a princess, or a nymph princess! I’ve heard a lot of raves about their eyeliners. This particular product costs about P700.

My 7-month old eyeliner

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Celeteque Skin Toner Review

11 Sep

Keep your face baby smooth and oil-free for your lover to caress. You could caress it by yourself too, I guess. Though a facial wash is the best way to remove dirt and oil, you can keep it oil-free by reducing the pore size.

Smaller pores/ Toned face= less oil = bebe smooth skin

Say Goodbye Oily Skin!

Use a skin toner to prevent oily skin! Behold! Celeteque’s Acne Solutions Skin Toner specifically formulated for oily skin. Use a moisturizer afterwards to prevent skin from being overly dry.

I love this stuff!

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Review of The Face Shop BB Cream – Aqua Tint

6 Sep

Why is dewey skin better than matte skin? The illusion of youth of course! Unlike a matte finish which makes lines on your face easier to spot, dewey skin disguises these and adds a fresh vibe and glow to the skin. Plus it’s like you have nothing on :>… your face. (what did you have in mind? Tsssk tssk.)

For glowing skin, The Face Shop has BB creams for that.


The Actual Product Minus the Fancy Shmancy Lighting. This is my sister’s make-up by the way


What will it do?
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How to Use Eyeliner – Pencil

4 Sep

Pencil eyeliner is one of the easiest tricks to make your eyelashes fuller. Unlike the liquid ones, this is easier to put on and remove.

These are all basic stuff I picked up from my own experience, reading stuff in books and online.

I am not a professional, but my eyeliner stays put all day so these things work!

Do’s and Dont’s

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