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David’s Salon Straight Up

30 Aug


There is a fine line between bed hair/ beach waves and just plain bushy hair. Hermione Granger and I share the same hair, not the Emma Watson perfectly permed hair, but the messy one.¬† It’s been a year since my last permanent hair rebonding in Victor Ortega, so my hair looks like brown wavy corn hair, slightly below the shoulders in length. I’ve had my hair colored May last year so there’s a good 3 inches of regrowth.

Not much people during 2:15-4:15PM on Saturdays


Aside from Men’s Health, I’ve never really read other men’s magazine before so it was a surprise that David’s Salon Ortigas had those on the table. It’s probably for the boys who are waiting for their girlfriends to finish. They also serve your choice of iced tea or brewed coffee. I finished my coffee quickly and Mr. Harold asked if I wanted a second round.

It really counts to be FC (feeling close) for a day hahaha. I was serviced by Ms. Juvel and Mr. Harold. Since I was only availing of a coupon, I was expecting they’d treat me differently since I wasn’t paying the full price. But they were really warm people. A tip is to treat everyone nicely, it will affect their service. I had no intentions of becoming a middle-aged bald woman if I were to be rude, so I turned on the Sheena charm, asked them about their experience with the Habagat, the Naruto-related tattoo on Harold’s neck, etc.


The whole process started at 2:15 and ended at 4:15, pretty quick from what I expected

1. Shampoo. No conditioner since oils are a no-no for rebond hair process

2. Placement of L’Oreal permanent hair straightening cream for my hair. This does not sting at all and doesn’t smell bad. I am well aware that my scalp and hair are both dry. Chance! Hairdressers endorsed their hair spa and cellophane treatment for my hair. But they didn’t nag when I said no to the P2,800 price.

3. Rinsing of the Cream. This is painful for the head and neck since the sink cradled my head poorly, as with every salon I’ve visited

4. Blow drying. There are 3 people who blow-dried my hair because it’s quite thick and long. There is the occasional hot air burning the skin, but nothing too painful. The brushing of the hair is awesome, minimal tugs!

I was super stoked! This is Ms. Jovel’s cheeks and Mr. Harold glowing background

5. Using a flat iron to straighten the dried hair while working in very small sections.

6. Applying a neutralizer to keep it straight. No stings here either.

7. Rinsing the neutralizer with my favorite uncomfortable sink

8. Blowdrying part 2!

9. Haircut. I was pleased with steps 1-8 for hair rebonding. They need improvement with step 9. My friend actually told me that they give great hair dyes, but not haircuts. I availed of it anyway because it’s part of the 2,000 coupon. I firmly said I wanted a trim, not to change the hair length too much. Instead she chopped off a good 2 inches. Since it’s already gone and looks weird if the rest are longer, I let her cut the rest instead. Her justification is my ends look dry so it’s a favor. Meh, hair grows. Tadaaah, I have blunt ends now and an overly layered hair.


Normally I would go to a more affordable salon, but I got a coupon from so the original price of P7,000+ was brought down to around P2,000 for a rebond, haircut and massage.

Kudos if you reached this part! Shame if you just skipped the other paragraphs. Overall I would recommend David’s Salon permanent hair straightening ¬†only if a) you have 7,000 to spare; b) there is a coupon from a group buying site. You can probably get your haircut elsewhere if you’re not comfortable with a totally new haircut.

david's salon rebond review ortigas hair

Here is my hair after 6 days. Say hello to Mario and Peach!

Ehrmagerd! Where is this place of which you speak?

It’s roughly across the street from St. Francis Square.

G/F Hanston Bldg., Ruby Road, Ortigas, Pasig