I’m Moooooving to heyshnappy.blogspot.com

4 Feb
cow riding a scooter

New site looks awesome too! Imma go there ahihi

source: http://www.collegehumor.com/picture/6772734/cow-on-a-scooter

I will pretend that I am writing to a huge mass of people. Hello all! Thank you for dropping by my blog 🙂  I appreciate it if you’ve spent time reading the stuff I wrote. As much as I would like to post more about the fun things to do aside from Facebook, Temple Run 2 and being a couch potato, I think it’s better if I move my blog to my new blog 🙂 I’ll be posting there from now on.

In case you missed the url because you were distracted by the cow, it’s http://heyshnappy.blogspot.com

Thanks guys!

Aside 29 Jan

I’ll be moving my adventure blog elsewhere soon since this one has an identity crisis. 

Vikings Buffet – SM Marikina

28 Jan

Vikings Buffet in SM Marikina, one of the biggest buffet in the Philippines made me wish that my stomach was a bottomless pit for that night.

sushi chef making sashimi from a very big tuna at Vikings Marikina

Huge tuna says hello!

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Newbies Attempt REPUBL1C Wakepark Wakeboarding Nuvali

25 Jan

Mermans and mermaids riding dolphins and gliding across the sea is pretty far out, the next best thing is Camarines Sur. Oooor, you can try Republ1c Wakepark conveniently located around an hour away from Manila if there is no traffic. Zero traffic? Oh optimism. It was a good way to spend Saturday except for one thing…

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Binondo Food Trip – Man Tears and Fairy Dust

22 Jan

The very delayed cool weather of January is perfect for walking and exploring the streets of Binondo for a food trip.

A strict itinerary is optional, we did prior research to the raved about restaurants, and talked about what food we wanted to eat. This blog is a relevant source of information teehee (wink wink).

We decided that we wanted to try exotic food, dumplings, milk tea, and noodles. Also, preferably, your good friends are coincidentally rich and have nice phones that can access google maps.

A happy tummy with just P500 in my wallet?

barney stinson, challenge accepted

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